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In addition to the GI Joes, Action Man and Geyperman, there was another collection much appreciated by fans all over the world in the 70's and 80's: Dynaman. Little known in Brazil, Dynaman were really cool and only 3 models were launched: caucasian, caucasian with beard and african. 
Their bodies were derived from the MEGO figures, but his hands and joints of the arms have been perfected to the point that got better and stronger than the Falcon. Their clothes and adventure themes were similar to GI Joe and other Hasbro licensed dolls.
Unlike GI Joe who had only one head sculpture for a long time before the black adventurer, the foreign head and later the eagle eyes, Bulletman and the Defenders, Dynaman was released already with 3 different faces. The bearded head had beard already molded on it. What was good to prevent errors but bad for the custom projects that are so popular today.
Although these are pretty good copies the quality of the clothes was inferior. The clothes never looked as good and elegant as the GI Joe's. Still they launched many clothes and some were quite nice such as "Mounted Police" and "French Legion"
Following the hit "Charlie's Angels" adventurous women were very popular at that time and Barter Toys, creator of Dynaman closely followed the footsteps of GI Joe and Action Man. It was only a matter of time to appear the Dynagirls. They are even rarer and as interesting as the European LADJGI.
The popularity of GI Joe and Action Man did not gave "life" only to Dynaman, with the popularity of the 12-inch format for boys there was an army of Joe wannabes with names derived from: Action, Adventure, Joe, and generic references to our hero .
Also known as Adventure Man in some European countries the Dynaman were the only competitors to try to reach the sales phenomenon that was the line GI Joe. The Dynaman had many vehicles and even occupied media space with beautiful advertisements. Among the coolest accessories is undoubtedly the gray suitcase full of weapons.
Dynaman goes to the Wild West was also a success and launched incredible adventures. Military officer was a obvious choice and there was even a David Crockett clothes set!
My favorites are the Cavalry General and the Mexican Gringo. Too bad the factory itself failed to improve quality. The clothes were more beautiful but some plastic accessories broke easily and the adventures were quickly depleted.
The DYNA HORSES, were absurdly articulated. True precursors of today's toys, they reproduce several positions of a real horse and look really nice. And it was not only in the large format that Barter Toys invested.
With the rise of the small GI Joes Barter Toys launched TINY TUFFY'S. They were very simple, no painted detains on their face and fewer articulation, but very nice to play with. Unlike the GI Joes that has names and file cards TT had no characters, only adventures and jobs. Indian, Astronaut, Soldier, Nurse, cowboy.
They were fun but no match for the Joes. And time went on, the buyers changed taste and sales went under. And in the same way it came the Dynaman disappeared. But fate still had one last unexpected and surprising reappearance for our hero.
GAY BOB - Nowadays, the variant figures are common. We have 300 Batmans, 100 Wolverines, various colors and even transparent figures. Not much is known about Gay Bob, just that it was made from the same mold of Dynaman and at the same time: 1978. There is a small difference though... but it's basically the same doll. If you are under age should not see these photos without the company or permission of an adult.
It may have been an attempt to exploit a new market or an order for a third party, doesn't matter. It is essential for any Dynaman collector. It's box is a closet and the text reads: "Get out of the closet with Gay Bob". It comes with earring in the right ear (gay sign in the 80s), gold necklace, cowboy boots and bag. The hair is blond flocked.
The art of the boxes and advertisements were very well done too. Note the beauty and quality of the drawings. 
Of course I could not close this article without mentioning the customs I've made with Dynaman. For some reason there never was a blond Dynaman. Wich is a mistery to me, just look at this German officer! Clothing is original Dynaman and one of the most beautiful and well made. African with beard did not existed either but would have been a major hit.
This red head Dynaman was done with beardless head. Just like GI Joe DM heads accept many different looks and each color or new hairstyle creates a new character. Special thanks to my superfriend Sidney "Grungaboy" Oda that beautifully flocked these heads in 2003.
In 2012 I started experimenting to develop a technique to turn any regular head into an eagle eyes head. And after a lot of hard work here is the very first Dynaman with moving eyes. This brunette with beard is from 2014 and the idea was simply to make the same doll from 1978 but with this new feature. A million thanks to my friend Purgative da Silva of Silva for the beautifull coffee tone flocking. (this is his facebook name, his real name is a mistery and he wants to keep it that way)
And to wrap it up this super cool Dynaman old worrior with grey hair and moustache. It has the same eagle eyes process too and this green jacket can be bought at LoucoPorBonecos. This awsome work was done by the incomparable Will Code of blog. I hope everyone enjoyed this article and feel in love with this cool and undervalued doll. Yo, Dynaman! Chears!

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