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First of all, I want to be clear that from this point on, Estrela (Brazilian Falcon's manufacturer) have no responsibility or rights over these figures. This part of the story is totally imaginary. I've never had access to any of the Estrela's project and I also have no idea of what they would possibly release in the sequence. The figures were created by me, to this article, and were already registered. So, my rights as creator are reserved. I only tried to think the same way people used to think at that time (80's decade). In the 80's, people thought that in the year of 2001 we would live in the Moon and everybody would dress silver clothes. Robots would be our slaves and we'd have space ships and radiation would make wonderfull changes in our bodies, turning us into super-powered beings. Now we know that's not quite this way. Most of the time radiation generates cancer. We don't have domestic space ships and silver clothes are really awful.

Following the Laserman tradition, Fireman comes up, the hero with incredible thermo powers. He's not only capable of generating heat, but also can take high temperatures and control the fire. He can confront Torak in the same terms, on any terrain.
Torak is now called Virus Torak, a terrible computer program that uses nano-machines to modify the victim's body. Once infected, there is no cure. The host dies and the micro-robots use its body to the last pieces in order to create a super powered terminator, also very strong and deadly. He never gives up and he can fight against many opponents at the same time, using his computerized brain. His four arms make him a terrible adversary. In the picture above we can see how easy is to him the climbing of a mountain or fight and shoot at the same time. Are Falcon's days numbered?

To make things worst, a new villain comes up: Radius - The radioactive man. Once before a good side fighter, our hero was captured and put under horrible tortures and experiences, which gave him a skin mutation and generated the ability of producing many types of lethal radiation. With the full charge of his power, he's capable to open a path through solid rock or even destroy several blocks with his blasts. At Torak's side, he has smashed many rebel armies.

Regular humans have no chance. His radiation is so strong that only a few minutes of combat are enough to give the enemies a painful death for radiation poisoning. Would come a day when he'll be free of the brain wash and help his friends to defeat the terrible Virus Torak?

Does the game seem unbalanced? Relax, a last hero is missing: Microman, the state-of-the-art fighter regarding technology. This being is half human and half cyborg. Capable of controlling almost every type of machine or software, Microman can exist even in the real as in the virtual world. A combat and invasions expert, he's virtually indestructible. He can reconstruct himself as long as his main program stays intact. He has a device installed in the chest that can be used as a beacon, bean shooter or flashlight. Would he be capable to resist to Virus Torak or even defeat him?
To create these dolls I decided to figure a context for their existence. A story like those ones that there were on the back of the GIJoe cards.

"In 2001 the world is invaded by aliens, They were the Torak´s virus inventors. We've been defeated at the very first big battle. The U.S.A and Europe had been totally destroyed, because they were the great potencies at that time. A virus that changed them into Toraks had infected millions of humans. The slaughter survivors got together to try reconquering the planet or dying." Certainly, the last doll of Falcon 2001 collection was Him. Returning in great style! In old clothes recovered, with or not eagle eyes and life-like hair and also with all those vehicles and trappings that up till now is nostalgically reminded.
So, what did you find about these parallel universe story on Marvel / DC style? Write, criticizing or leaving your opinion. If you really liked it, settle up with your friends and send a lot of e-mails to Estrela. Who knows they at least make the life-like Falcon again.

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