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After "Falcon 2001, An Imaginary Tale" I wondered where to go, what would be the logical next step after Falcon's Futuristic series? Space! It has to be something new but at the same time with that retro feel of the Action Man Space Ranger line (one of my favorite series).

That's where the ideia for a new customs series came from: Space Falcon. Instantly I remembered the Azurians, characters from Don Lawrence and Martin Ludwik Storm comics. The uniforms are completely new, my own design, with a military/space feel.

Also did an experiment with a red Falcon, but I admit I did not think a reason or historical context for it. It's just a color experience. The guns were mounted with broken parts of Falcon old guns recombined.

Another blue soldier this time with more equipment and protection in a fighting costume that would be similar to our navy seals.

If it's science fiction it has to have robots. This Falcon cyborg is actually a cyborg Takara Henshin with a modified head. His color variation is minimal, are shades of silver, gray and transparent but the effect is very good. The role of these robots in the story would be similar to the various droids on Star Wars.

To complete the adventure, I created three villains. The first and most interesting is the reptilian warrior yet unnamed. The idea of ​​a conflict between two races always work and reptiles have a perfect look for villains.

Second but not least we have a mortal Zod General of Mego redesigned. The head is very cool and armor complete the doll. 

And finally the Space Pirate. As well as Action Man Space Ranger had its villain Captain Zargon, I thought would be a good idea to have an anti hero with a wildcard function in the story. 

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