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E! Bulletman WWII Custom

I always wanted a GI Joe Bulletman but thought it to be a very expensive doll and did not like some elements of it's looks. The red spandex with low collar is very feminine and it's legs showing like a ballet dancer bothered me too. But it's metal arms and helmet-shaped bullet, the overall concept of the hero overcome those little details. I decided to make my own Bulletman.

The first step was to think of a new concept, a hero like Bulletman in the 80s seemed so naive and with less force. It was then that I remembered the great period of emergence of super heroes: WWII. A Bulletman there would make much more sense! Fighting the Nazis, maybe even fighting alongside with Captain America and the Invaders.
And it all made sense. The next step was to think of the double identity of the hero, he needed a discreet appearance to get around without drawing the enemy's attention. And so came the visual disguise. I thought of something very simple that could be produced at the time and so I decided to simplify the uniform.
I've turned the red spandex into a no sleeves tight shirt with turtleneck. And instead of legs showing I went for regular fit beige trousers. This way I kept the color palette near the original but changed my dislikes. To stay in disguise was just getting the helmet and cover the red mesh with a Tank Commander black jacket. And when it's action time ...

The head is from GI Joe Defender of the 80s. It is the same sculpture as Bulletman and costs far less. I decided to make it with eagle eyes to match the rest of the GI Joe collection of the time. As the head was larger than the original I had to carve out a new helmet to make the mold and cast the final piece in resin. The helmet and arms are gray resin with polishing. I could not end without congratulating my friend Will Code for the sensational flocking. Everyone with heads to flock should visit: The result speaks for itself. Thanks a lot, Will!

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