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E! GI Joe head on a Hot Toys body

How to adapt a GI Joe head on a Hot Toys body.

The shortage of GI Joe "Life Like" bodies in the market is increasing, those are getting more expensive and harder to find. At Cotswold it is still possible to find the early vintage bodies versions for a fair price. With that collectors have turned to alternative solutions like the Hot Toys bodies or similiar. However, a major problem of this format is the fit between the head and neck. 

We can clearly see the trouble on this picture. The fitting of the neck is much higher than it should. And not only that, the neck is soft rubber like a skin and the internal mechanism is independent. Sanding off or cutting the neck is out of the question, the solution is to adapt the head. Observing Stallone  "Barney Ross" Hot Toys we can see that the cut is right on the chin and back of the head hair line, so let's cut off the same "left over" from our Joe with brand new and very sharp hobby knife.

The cut is correct, but the head is thicker inside and thats why it is not fitting as it should.  It's okay, let's carve the inside of the head with the same blade. Check out the "before" and "after" the excess removal shots. Now turn the hed upside down and put some epoxi putty at the "bottom" of it to hold the fit. Be careful, not to let the durepoxi dry. The next step is to plug the inner tube ball neck joint. 

I used a clear plastic hose that is bought at hardware stores, but any hose will do. If it is too narrow just make a longitudinal cut and paste an extra piece of the same hose  to fit on the ball neck. Place the hose in a non-stick surface to do this, do not stick straight on the ball. Then cover with electrical tape and push him into the head toward the durepoxi to touch the bottom. This will be the plug / ball shaft with the body and it is important that it stays straight.

After the dry duperopoxi take over the extra hose with the same sharp blade. Then just make the final finish with more durepoxi filling the entire head. The idea is to leave it as solid as a original Hot Toys head. If it came out right it will reproduce as the same positions a Hot Toys head does. Last step is painting the head to match the body color.

Full control of movements and perfect fit. Even without the completion with durepoxi below the ears the head is firmly atached to the neck.

And to prove that it has not trick here is a picture showing the finished head perfectly matches the Hot Toys "Barbey Ross" body.

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