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E! Microman 2.0. Falcon 2001

In 2001 I created an imaginary sequel to the futuristic Falcon line closed in 1985 called Falcon 2001. Among many characters as Torak Virus, Radius The Atomic man and Fireman there was a very special one: Microman. A clear tribute to the Microman Mego collection from the 80s. Microman can take over any computerized machine and can also manifest itself in the virtual world as the character of Flynn from the movie Tron.
At the time I had limited resources and could not do exactly what I wanted. Still many people liked the result. This time I wanted to go further. The original body was painted, but this one is made of blue glow in the dark resin. Only the chest, hands and head are painted, all other parts are resin or epoxi putty.
For the chest light I decided to do something very special, it is completely removable! Just take off it's "backpack" and remove its power supply. It is also possible to change the figure's illumination without the need to open it. Also, speaking playwise, Microman can be captured and have it's energy cell stolen or he can turn off and gives it to Falcon as a rocket fuel or alternative power source.
I wanted a different but still human look.An android, or an artificial living being as the DATA from Star Trek the Next Generation. I had to open the head to change the color of the eyeballs and eye paint. I often wondered if an artificial man should have flocked hair. But after getting back the head flocked by Will Code of site I knew I'd made the right choice. Thank you, Will, your work was essential to achieve this result. 

Microman with helmet for full combat mode. Torak's days are numbered!

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