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Falcon, GI Joe, Action Man and other versions of the Joe family never had a african eagle eyes. The USA had the Adventurer Black and Black Commander, in europe Tom Stone (UK), France, Sam.
Italy, Spain, Germany, almost all collections in the world had their Afro Joe. Yet he never gained the amazing eagle eyes. In Brazil was even sadder, Brinquedos Estrela produced a gray body for Torak, red body for the Condor. The company had plans to Laserman and Triton, but never launched a African Falcon.
I decided to end this injustice in style, starting with the hero: This has been known for some but now has a new head sculpt. Yet unnamed, refer to it as the Brazilian Adventurer. I think it's cooI to pay tribute to GI Joe, because this head is originally a Black Adventurer. The uniform is freely inspired by The Falcon, Captain America's partner and also an african icon. The chest emblem is my design, shoulder holster is mandatory item in all my Falcons since childhood. The boots however are a mystery to me, I never saw others like these and do not know why they are so.
How about an african Atomicman? I decided to try several different things in a single doll. I picked up a head of Tom Stone (UK), which is the same as Black Adventurer (USA). As his name is Tom Stone, I thought about creating a downward: Lincoln Stone. And Since Mike Powers is the Atomic Man, Lincoln Stone is Melt Down. Double challenge: besides making it with eagle eyes still wanted him to be more different. How about bald with a beard? A lot of work because you can not sand the head of Tom to go bald, rubber just ends before you get to the right size. The only way is to cut at the hairline and apply epoxi putty.

This was confused, right? Let's talk a little technical. I had this idea for the first time after seeing that movie "Face Off" with Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. The guys swapped faces! I was thinking, "What if I could cut and wearing a head to make almost like a skin, and then apply it on a eagl eyes head also worn, featureless, with only it's eyes popping out?" I blew a few heads to get to the point I wanted. True, some joes were sacrificed so that their brothers could realize the dream of viewing side to side for the first time.

But I did not give up. With the help of my trusty Dremel tool, a lot of patience and care, could reach a point where not even need paint to hide the operation, the process does not leave scars. Basically you have to do a head fit inside the other wearing the two calmly.The finish is with epoxi putty and acrylic paint for modeling. To give the final touch that beautiful jacket from the GIJOE Club. It comes with the Man of Evil, is the disguise of "Lost Adventurer". I like mine without the mask and only with the black jumpsuit so the jacket was laying around. The pants is from the World Peacekeepers and the shirt is my creation.

We can not end this adventure without a villain. All Falcon had to fight with was Torak. I thought of a new, unprecedented, mysterious guy. Someone with no special powers, only wit and ability to fight. An opponent as strong and smart as the FalconMaciste, The Invincible man. 
When I saw the Krunch figure from the Action Man collection I knew it was the right head. He was already cool, but with eagle eyes it would look even better. Clothing is also unprecedented, my creation inspired by the films "The Running Man", "Star Trek Next Generetion" and Bucky Barnes Captain America suit. 

Boots are from the German Stormtrooper Action Man and the belt has a blend of the Action Man equipment.
A curiosity, I do not paint eyes on them, I use water decals from Gives an absurd amount of work to make the decal fit exactly on the spot, sometimes I lose an eye, but the result pleases more. During it's production on the 80's Falcon's Eye painting was quite limited and sometimes he seemed to have "doll's eyes." I'm sure if today there was a production line for eagle eyes heads those would be more detailed.

Last but not least another hero for the collection: "Barra Pesada". I think it would be called Blockbuster in english. I just wanted something impactful to remember one of my childhood favorites: Roadblock.

This head was from a Hall of Fame Heavy Dutty. I pulled all the hair and made the bald with epoxi putty.

For those who liked the afro eagle eyes it is possible to order a head and some of the clothes. I hope everyone had fun in this brand new post.

Until next time, LoucoPorBonecos.

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