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E! Savage "GI" Dragon, the first Gi Joe resin made Life Like body

For a long time I've been trying to make a GI Joe AT Life Like body made of resin and the first one had to be a great character that does not yet have a 12-inch version. The Savage Dragon has always been one of my favorites, his stories and design are really cool and have everything to do with the world of Falcon.
In fact I do not consider this one a proper Savage Dragon custom, is more of a hommage, a tribute using the GI Joe Adventure Team body style. This is something that Mattel does very well with Barbie, they have Elvis, Sinatra, Monroe. I used a head of Action Man eagle eyes and a little sculpture. I decided to keep his eyes fixed rather than mobile as the Geyperman in Spain to create a unique head.

And then came the big challenge, the body. I could paint a GI Joe body and that's it, but it would not be the same. The paint peels, sticks to the clothes, and the Dragon deserves better than that. There were dozens of wrong molds, many experiments with pigments to set the color right without blowing up the resin.
Finally, except for the heads and hands, I did make the whole body, and the best: Articulated. Despite some limitations of engineering and materials this body reproduces 65% of the original AT body movements and is quite durable. Oh, the clothes are from "GI Joe Trouble At Prosperity Bank" adventure.

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