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E! The All-New Intruder Commander Custom Figure

In 1976 Hasbro released a continuation for their GI Joe Adventure Team collection called The Defenders. The villains of this were the Intruders and there were two versions: The Intruder Commander with golden armor and the Intruder Warrior with silver armor. They were smaller than the GI Joe 12 inches and had only five joints, (Neck, shoulders and legs).

Despite the appearance of cavemen and animalistic expression on their faces, the Intruders were space invaders, super strong and with superior intellect. Their agenda? Conquer Earth.
Among their great powers was the "Crusher Grip" a letal "bear hug" which the hero could not escape from. This embrace was triggered by a button on the back and made the arms of the Invaders open and close in a capture blow.
Interestingly the hands of the Intruders were not flexible and did not have the ability to grasp anything, therefor they had no weapons.
Despite the efforts of Hasbro to create more characters and give a new direction to the collection, the Intruders did not impressed the public so much. Compared to the orginal 12 inch GI Joe and later Adventure Team life like bodies, the Invaders were very small and innocent loooking to represent a real threat to Earth.
Of course, these speculations are mine, but the fact of the whole GI Joe 12 inches collection be totally remodeled in the 90s, moving away completely from the previous concept, it is a good clue.
Anyway the idea of ​​more characters, especially more villains to the collection is tempting and the concept of "overdeveloped cavemen from outer space" is no doubt exciting. So I decided to investigate the initial idea of ​​Hasbro and create a new and more threatening All-New Intruder Commander.

The Intruder needs to have a strong and robust body, which can intimidate our hero, so I chose the body of modern Action Man. It is very strong, sturdy, tall and has hands with the right size to match the barbaric and animalistic appearance of Intruder's face. Pictured above we have the original Intruder left, and the All-New custom Intruder on the right. The figure was really way too small to face the GI Joe.
After a quick adjustment at the neck, using a Dremel tool to cut and epoxi putty to finish, the fitting was ideal.

The second step was to rethink his head. I used the same original Intruder head and modified it to adapt real working eagle eyes. I also made a new hair sculpture over the original. The armor is also original and is cut off at the waist to keep the mobility of it's torso. The parts that remained turned into shoulder pads and a claw for the right hand. The sword is customized as well. I also thought of a new story line for our Intruder Commander. He is now one of the generals of the infamous Army of Evil led by the Man of Evil, the most terrible enemy of the Adventure Team. From left to right we have: Barabbas, Man of Evil, Maciste and Intruder Commander.


Head: Action Man vintage eagle eyes head with original Intruder head over.
Body: Action Man modern 90s.
Armor: Intruder Original modified and repainted.
Sword: Action Man ninja sword handle and hand made plastic blade.
Boots: Mace Windu Star Wars Hasbro 12 inches collection with synthetic fur finish.

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