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Since I saw Ebay's youtube promo for the first time, with the battle between Red Claw and Action Man, I was fascinated. As a customizer for a long time, I found this new character, Red Claw, simply brilliant! And it was made with the same head of Action Man, a sculpted goatee, more scars and hair removal.

At the same time I thought: Could I make one Red Claw for me? It was all I needed ... The crazyness begun and there I was after an Action Man head in my action figures morgue. Making the head was quite easy, I had already made a bald Action Man with the same model. To sculpt the goatee and scars used some epoxi putty.

To ease the process I printed large images of the same promo and pasted it on the wall to help me, and I went to the fight. With the head ready I turned my attention to the claw. It had to be the identical to the one on the film and actually work. First I was behind the small screws. It was a saga find complete screws so small but I did it.

With the screws as the basis to establish the proportion I could determine the measures of all the claw. Then I cut some plastic sheets and sculpted with more durepoxi over an original hand pin from Action Man. Having the red lower claw and silver upper claw finished it was time to make silicone molds and have new solid resin parts to assemble the claw .

As for painting I chose to leave failed, played with, similar to the film doll. Finally it was time to dress the Red Claw.
I found the original combination very simple and wanted to portray our new villain with more glamor, as if he should have looked in his golden years. All linen is from LoucoPorBonecos, brown jacket is the same model of "Falcon 77 Combate", the caramel mesh is a new creation and the black pants are straight cut.

I also decided to put a black leather holster and a Luger pistol and long boots. The body used is a new cotswold vintage style.
I hope you enjoyed this new custom. Nostalgic childhood spirit and the simplicity and beauty of the doll are catchy, and congratulations to Ebay for a work that transcends advertising and comes alive in the minds of collectors.

Big hug to all,

Felipe Monaco

Watch ebay's Red Claw promo:

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